Body-WISE from t​he Beginning (CALGARY)
(For Parents of Children ages birth-6yrs)

When: Sunday March 18th, 2018 10am-12:15pm
Where: ​Father David Bauer Arena (Meeting Room) 2424 University Dr. NW Calgary
Cost: $45/person or $75/both parents/caregivers 

The focus of this seminar is child abuse prevention skills and healthy boundaries. You will learn about early child sexual development and how you can help your child develop healthy body awareness, healthy personal boundaries, appropriate feeling development, basic concepts of personal body safety, appropriate versus inappropriate touches, NO-GO-TELL concept, stranger danger, assertiveness, empowerment, age appropriate resources and much more!

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Teaching Children Consent from the Start!

(For Parents of Children of all ages)

When:Saturday March 10th, 2018 10am-11:30am

Where: Father David Bauer Arena (Meeting Room) 2424 University Dr. NW Calgary


Parents often ask how they can help raise their children in such a way where we can hopefully have a future with less rape and sexual assault, and the answer lies partly in educating children about the concept of consent as early as 1 year old and into the college years. This seminar will provide parents with action items and teaching tools to help based on children's ages from preschool, through grade school and into the teen and young adult years. The focus will be on raising empowered young adults who have empathy for others and a clear understanding of healthy consent.

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Body-WISE & Beyond
(For Parents of Children ages 7-12yrs)

When: Saturday April 14th, 2018 10am-12:15pm
Where: Father David Bauer Arena (Meeting Room) 2424 University Dr. NW Calgary
Cost: $45/person or $75/both parents/caregivers

Body image, self-esteem, healthy relating, and our self-perceptions can all impact our sexual health. School-age children are often faced with a lot of social and media influenced information that may not be accurate or helpful when it comes to developing optimal sexual health. With up-to-date information and the right tools, awkward conversations can be opportunities to develop open communication with your child(ren). These on-going conversations will support your child(ren) to develop an awareness of personal boundaries and a strong sense of worth that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn more about how to talk to your school-age children about potentially awkward conversations such as sex, relationships, puberty, personal boundaries, abuse prevention safety skills, healthy body image and more!

Register Now!     $45/person                             $75 for both parents